Company Profile

Company NameMeidi-Ya Co., Ltd.
Headquarters Location2-2-8 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-8302, Japan
Year Established1885
CapitalJPY 270 million
Main Business ActivitiesFood and Beverage Retail Sales Business / Meidi-ya Stores
Food manufacturing Business / My Brand Products
Trading Business, Import/Export Foods, Wines and Spirits
Marine Supply Business / Ship Chandler
Industrial products sales Business
Real estate
Total Sales AmountJPY29.3 Billion (Year 2019) / Approx. USD265 million
Number of Employees392 (Year 2019)

We conduct our business under the Corporate Philosophy,
“The Highest Quality for Everyone, Everytime”


In 1880 Hakaru Isono, Meidi-ya's founder, left Japan after graduating from The University of Tokyo and settled in London as Mitsubishi's first overseas student.
After studying business for more than 3 years in London, he assumed a purser on a newly built ship “Yokohama Maru”, built at Glasgow in 1884.
During 2 months on the ship on his way back to Japan, he learned about ship chandler business at the occasion of every port call.

In 1885 he established Meidi-Ya in Yokohama and started ship chandler.
Since then, Meidi-Ya has been supplying ship stores and expanded business to Meidi-Ya's premium supermarkets, Food production, Importing and Exporting of Food products, Wines and Spirits.

With more than 133 years of experience and expertise, Meidi-Ya has become one of the most reputable company in Japan.

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