Company Profile

Company NameMeidi-Ya Co., Ltd.
Headquarters Location2-2-8 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-8302, Japan
Year Established1885
CapitalJPY 270 million
Main Business ActivitiesFood and Beverage Retail Sales Business / Meidi-ya Stores
Food manufacturing Business / My Brand Products
Trading Business, Import/Export Foods, Wines and Spirits
Marine Supply Business / Ship Chandler
Industrial products sales Business
Real estate
Total Sales AmountJPY27.7 Billon (Year 2020)
Number of Employees437 (Year 2021)

We conduct our business under the Corporate Philosophy,
“The Highest Quality for Everyone, Everytime”


In 1880 Hakaru Isono, Meidi-ya's founder, left Japan after graduating from The University of Tokyo and settled in London as Mitsubishi's first overseas student.
After studying business for more than 3 years in London, he assumed a purser on a newly built ship “Yokohama Maru”, built at Glasgow in 1884.
During 2 months on the ship on his way back to Japan, he learned about ship chandler business at the occasion of every port call.

In 1885 he established Meidi-Ya in Yokohama and started ship chandler.
Since then, Meidi-Ya has been supplying ship stores and expanded business to Meidi-Ya's premium supermarkets, Food production, Importing and Exporting of Food products, Wines and Spirits.

With more than 135 years of experience and expertise, Meidi-Ya has become one of the most reputable company in Japan.

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